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Тема в разделе "Разное", создана пользователем Chuviha, 19.09.02.

  1. Chuviha

    Chuviha Участник

    so watsup y'all..... who wanted to speak english, huh????:argue:
  2. Гость

    Гость Гость

    Looks like nobody... What's the point?
  3. Povesa

    Povesa Гость

    What for? Just for fun? :)
  4. Polinka

    Polinka Участник

    We not local residents:chih:
  5. Chuviha

    Chuviha Участник

    welll...... some pepole were asking to make a sectoin where u could speak english.... SO WHERE R U ????????
  6. Vadim

    Vadim Участник

    Come on guys! What's the point to speak English on RUSSIAN FORUM ???
    That's why they call them RUSSIAN Forums :) So people can speak RUSSIAN :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek:
  7. @ndy

    @ndy Активный участник

    What to talk about?

    Hell if I know.....
  8. TRIX

    TRIX Участник

    I think that it would be better if our forum will be as russian as we used to see it! So let's speak english outside this lovely place...Russian Forum- Forever!!!:D:
  9. Red girl

    Red girl Почётная

    Just practise your english!:)
    Just do it короче!:):D:
  10. Slim

    Slim Менеджер

    Wow! Just look, guys, how many mistakes u've made! Shame on u! Yeah, u'd better speak in your native language...

    But still. What's your viewpoint of trying to recall some proverbs, jokes .... erm ... ets to diversify the topic? Here's an example. Check it out.
    - Some people say I'm pretty. But others say I'm ugly. What d'you guess I am?
    - Eeeerm ...... I suppose u r pretty ugly! :D:
  11. @ndy

    @ndy Активный участник

    Undrestading is a two way street.

    What 'bout it?
    Последнее редактирование: 24.09.02
  12. Vadim

    Vadim Участник

    The best way to test your reading skills, is to see if you can understand humor ;)
    Here's little test :)

    Dear Dr. Dover:

    I wish to apply for an operation to cut my nuts and make me
    sterile. My reasons are numerous. After being married for
    seven years and having had 7 children, I have come to the
    conclusion that contraceptives are useless.

    After getting married here in West Virginia I was advised to
    use the rhythm method. Despite trying the Tango and the Samba,
    my wife fell pregnant, and I ruptured myself doing the Cha-Cha.
    Apart from that, where do you find a band when you get the urge
    at two o'clock in the morning?

    A doctor suggested the safe period. At the time, we were living
    with the in-laws and we had to wait 3 weeks for the safe period,
    when the house was empty. Needless to say this didn't work, and
    the wife got pregnant.

    A lady of several years' experience said if we made love while
    breast feeding we would be all right. Well, I finished up with
    clear skin, silky hair and was very healthy... but the wife got
    pregnant yet again.

    Another tale we heard was if the wife jumped up and down after
    intercourse this would prevent pregnancy. She slipped a disk but
    still got pregnant again.

    I asked the chemist about the condoms and he demonstrated them,
    so I bought a packet. My wife fell pregnant again, which did not
    surprise me as I never did believe how stretching one of those
    things over your thumb could prevent babies.

    We tried the coil next but that didn't work. It had a left-hand
    screw and my wife is definitely a right-hand screw.

    The Dutch cap was next and seemed to be our answer, but my wife
    got severe headaches when the only size available was too tight
    across the forehead.

    You must appreciate my problems. If I can't have the operation
    I will have to resort to oral sex, and I can't believe that talking
    about it is any substitute for the real thing.

    Yours sincerely,
    Bubba Brickhead
    Morgantown, West Virgina
  13. Chuviha

    Chuviha Участник

    weeelll.... u know what - that was the illest shit i ever heard..... it was DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  14. RubiN

    RubiN Активный участник

  15. Demiurg

    Demiurg Читатель

    Actually, this idea isn't that bad - never mind if this forum is Russian or Ucranian: there are always some guys who are willing to have some practice of foreign languages with the aim to better them. And what they are to do if their level of knowledge (probably) doesn't fit the level of native speakers' forums - not to have practice at all?
  16. Vadim

    Vadim Участник

    Funny ... Not funny .. Who cares ??? This is not a JOKES topic ... This is a PRACTICE Topic! So stop judging and start learning :)
  17. @ndy

    @ndy Активный участник

    Learning can't consist only of writing in this forum, communication with native apeakers is better anyway, but still why not to talk in english here....by the way...Demirug I'd never think that ---to better--- can be a verb, if you didn't use it in this meaning(and it can be a verb).-------THANK YOU.

    By the way, I hear you studied English at VSPU. Is your present job connected with English???
    Последнее редактирование: 28.09.02
  18. ***K.To.E.1***

    ***K.To.E.1*** GSMщик

    Let's get drunk!
  19. Гость

    Гость Гость

    Est oshibki:A esli hotite jargon negrov sprashivaite: What up dawg? or What up homie? Problema dlya menya viiti na Kirilizu.
  20. Chuviha

    Chuviha Участник

    hey , whats up man?? whats crackin?? ))
  21. Pashok

    Pashok Активный участник

    chizle my wizzle:)
  22. Шурик

    Шурик Участник

    Alliright smart asses, let's see what you can do. Please keep slang for your dog and no dirty nigger language please.
    Последнее редактирование: 11.11.02
  23. Шурик

    Шурик Участник

    Could you please be more specific? .....I didn't get the "cracking" part....

    Добавление от [date]1036993338[/date]:
    ...very funny..........:confused:
  24. lernu

    lernu Гость

    Just learn a really international language to have an opportunity of practicing in international places. :) I speak of Esperanto and its forums/newsgroups/chats and the kin.
  25. Chuviha

    Chuviha Участник


    fo sheezzzyyyy )))))))) xex...

    so tell me pepole, where did y'all learn english?
  26. Шурик

    Шурик Участник

    Well.....I just started speaking the language :D
  27. Seventies_Man

    Seventies_Man Гость

    So how are you getting along, living in the place where the 9/11 attack took place? Must suck living someplace where you're under constant stress, considering the possibilities of being attacked by some muslim activists, or else a sniper putting a bullet through your neck while you're in a bus.

    On another note, have you ever been on one of those famous NY talk shows?
  28. Шурик

    Шурик Участник

    I am getting along good, no complaints. 9/11 is the only terrorist act that happened in NY in past 7 years. Unlikely in Moscow it happens every other month or so. No snipers here either, I think you're watching too much tv ;) How's life in Toronto? I was there a couple of times, wasn't excited much. What's up with drivers up there? pretty aggressive and rev their engines too much on their late model Geo's :):D

    I've never been to any live talk shows here, although I was an extra in a movie with Adam Sandler, Marissa Tomei & Jack Nicholson this summer. It's coming out next summer, I think I was on camera a couple of times. We'll see next year :), the name of the movie is Anger Management.
    Последнее редактирование: 18.11.02
  29. Vadim

    Vadim Участник

    Well you can, pretty much apply this phrase to any country/city you live in ;) Volgograd, Moscow, New York, Toronto ... different places - same story ... Gangs, terrorists ..... Crazy World .. what can I say ... just relax and "FORGET ABOUT IT"
    :D :D :D
  30. Seventies_Man

    Seventies_Man Гость

    I can't quite relate to your laid back attitude about all those people that died, but whatever - none of that s*** happens in Canada. You'd be surprised as how Toronto is different from Moscow, where you can't walk alone in the streets at night and have to place metal bars over your windows. Nobody here has metal bars over their windows, while in Russia you see that everywhere.. So you can't say you live in a safer place by any extent, the US and Russia have much more crime and violence going around. Here you never have to worry about your wallet and your appartment being taken away from you.