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Продаю проводной пульт ДУ для Canon EOS 60D 600D 1100D 1000D 550D 450D

Тема в разделе "Фотобарахолка", создана пользователем Marlon, 06.04.13.

  1. Marlon

    Marlon Участник

    Продаю проводной пульт ДУ для Canon - LCD Timer Remote Shutter Release Cord for Canon 450D 500D 550D 600D 60D 1100D C1.

    Пульт в идеальном состоянии, использовался несколько раз.

    Тех. харакитеристики:
    - Delay / Self Timer (DELAY)
    Just like the self timer on your camera. The TM timer remote switch allows you to set any delay (in 1 second increments) up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
    - BULB/Long Exposure (LONG)
    It allows you to take time exposures up to 100 hours in length.
    - Interval Timer (INTVL)
    The Interval Timer can be set to any time period up to 100 hours as well. If you set it to 10 minutes, for example, one exposure will be taken every 10 minutes until either the film runs out or the Exposure Count limit has been reached.
    - Exposure Count (N)
    This setting permits you to set the number of exposures that will be taken, up to a total 399.

    Timer delay 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
    exposure time 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
    interval 1s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
    Number of shots 1 to 399,---(unlimited)
    power source Two AAA 1.5V LR03 alkaline batteries
    operating temperature -20 - +50C (-4 - +122F)
    dimension Approx.155 x 40 x 18mm (6.1x1.6x0.7in)
    weight Approx.105g
    Length of cord Approx.850mm

    Подходит для[SIZE=2]: [/SIZE]
    Canon EOS 400D/350D/300D/300/300V/50E/50/33/30/450D/500D/550D/1000D/1100D/60D/600D Canon Digital Rebel X/XT/XTi/iX RS-60E3 Remote Switch Shutter
    Pentax K10D/K110D/K100D/Gx-1L/Cs205 Remote Switch Shutter
    Pentax *ist D/DS/DS2/DL/DL2/K10 Remote Switch Shutter
    Pentax MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-L
    Hasselblad H/H1/H2/H2D/H1D Remote Switch Shutter Cord
    Contax 645/Nl/Nx/N/Digital/LA-50 Remote Switch Shutter
    Samsung GX-10 GX-1L GX-1S

    Цена: 1 000 руб.

    Тел. 8-902-311-4210 сергей.



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