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Ожидается новый флагман от Canon 3D

Тема в разделе "Фото", создана пользователем dr.ZmeY, 21.08.12.

  1. dr.ZmeY

    dr.ZmeY Активный участник

    Продолжение слухов про сверхмегапиксельную камеру.

    Возможно в новой камере будут такие характеристики:

    - 46 мп
    - два процессора DIGIC 5+
    - 61 точка автофокусировки (как у 1D X и Canon 5D Mark III)
    - 3.7 кадров в секунду, ISO (25) 50-6400 (12800)
    - USB 3.0
    - формат карт CF+SD

    Дата анонса предположительно осень 2012 (Фотокина 2012)

    Ниже статья в оригинале:

    The Big Megapixel

    The rumours are starting to fly with Photokina around the corner. Below is the first spec list of a camera said to be Canon’s big megapixel entry.

    Please remember, the “EOS-3D” name has been rumoured about since about 2005. With every major photo show, we get lots of mentions of its existence. What I do think is different now, is the “3D” name makes a bit more sense. I think this because the “5D” name is no longer the automatic “big megapixel” camera in the Canon lineup. There is room and separation between a 22mp 5D and a 40mp 3D. My other issue with the “3D” name, is the camera wouldn’t be 3D. However, add the “X” at the end and that should help alleviate any confusion with consumers (believe me, there would be).

    Below is a spec list I received today, take it with a large grain of salt as it is a new contact. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not we’ll see another DSLR for Photokina, lots of conflicting information (Thanks Canon).