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Активация голоса на 3G модемах HUAWEI

Тема в разделе "Связь", создана пользователем Pashtet, 12.02.10.

  1. Pashtet

    Pashtet Активный участник

    Нашел информацию, в приципе работает. Может кому будет полезно.
    We want to test new feature - voice call functions activation.
    Voice can be activated on Huawei E156, E160, E1550, E1552 and other modems with beta DC-unlocker version. We think it must work on all from E160 ant later models.
    For voice activation, your modem must have voice function in firmware. To check this, you need to detect modem with DC unlocker, and will see if voice is disabled, enabled or there is no way to enable in this firmware.
    WARNING voice activation will disable huawei virtual CD-rom and SD card slot.
    To enable CD-ROM and memory card you need send AT command AT^U2DIAG=255 or AT^U2DIAG=276 . BUT sending this command may disable voice function again. So on part modems you may need to choose voice or CD-rom.
    More about CD, SD, SC, UI, M and other function enable and disable you can read here:

    This beta voice function activation is free to all (only for test period maybe for few days) and only for advanced users, come without any warranty.

    Beta version :

    Mobile partner with voice and ussd functions

    You can use your dongle, personal username or if dont have :

    User name: free
    Password: voice
    полная инсталяция программы лежит тут: http://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads
  2. Зуб

    Зуб Участник

    Интересно, зачем голос на 3G модеме? :)
  3. Pashtet

    Pashtet Активный участник

    Некоторым удобнее принемать и совершать рабочие звонки через компьютре или ноутбук используя гарнитуру.
  4. Tolibanych!!!

    Tolibanych!!! Активный участник